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1. New IRS Regulations for Paid Preparers - if you are paid to prepare a Form 2290 or any other federal tax form, then you are a Paid Preparer. You are now required to register for a PTIN from the IRS. You can always contact us for details, but we recommend you register right away. The IRS Will audit what they are calling Paid Preparers, and ignorance is not an excuse.
  • IRS PTIN Registration System - This link will allow you to register for an IRS PTIN. It will take about 20 min, and has an annual cost of $64.25. You are required to have a PTIN if you prepare any federal tax return for a fee. Call us with your questions.
  • IRS e-services. - This link will allow you to register for an EFIN or Electronic Filers Identification Number. This system will also allow you to register for TIN Matching and other IRS services you may find useful.
  • To register for a Paid Preparer Account on - We will then help you stay up to date with policy changes, and other important information.

3. - for questions, comments and concerns or additional help with other trucking related taxes.



6. - for payment information and options.

Phone numbers to call for assistance:

For an EFTPS account


Immediate help with 2290

US Phone Number – 866-699-4096
International Phone Number – 859-669-5733

To Order IRS forms, instructions and publications


To get an EIN #


PTIN Help from the IRS

US Phone Number - 877-613-PTIN (7846)
International Number - 319-464-3272

Tax Payer Advocate Service

877-777-4778 OR
800-829-4059 – TTY/TDD