How can I e-file a VIN Correction?

Free Form 2290 VIN Corrections

How can I e-file a VIN Correction?

Every once and a while, we all make mistakes. And when you're dealing with 17 digit VIN numbers, it's easy to do! is now offering its customers FREE VIN Corrections on your 2290 Form. It's easy! Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your account and start a new return online. Mark Step 1 as an Amendment. Select the reason "Correcting a VIN" when choosing the reason for your amendment.
  2. Enter only the VIN you are correcting on Step 2. Do not list the incorrect VIN, or any others you filed originally that were correct.
  3. Step 3 will ask for the Incorrect VIN. You may also upload a pdf document that contains proof, or the reason for your correction if you wish. This upload is not required, but it's a good idea if your VINs are VERY different.
  4. Step 4 will not collect IRS Tax payment information because taxes have already been paid.
  5. Your paper form on Step 5 will show a tax amount. Just remember, it's NOT due again because you already paid.
  6. Finish your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax return on Step 6. FREE! No credit card information will be collected.

The IRS expects a "correction" to be a difference of two characters in your VIN or less. If you are making a correction of three characters or more, expect a notice from the IRS. Call us when you get it, and we'll help you clean it up! IRS notices are sent out by a computer, so usually fixing it is as easy as a phone call but we are happy to help!

It's that easy! Call with any questions.

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