What is a 2290Calculator©?

What is a 2290Calculator© and how do I use it?

The 2290Calculator© is an easy Excel Spreadsheet especially designed to work for large fleets. We recommend you use the 2290Calculator© when your fleet is 25 vehicles or more.

Why do we call it a Calculator?

Because it calculates the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax as you add and describe each truck! Now, for the first time ever, you can see tax liability change before your eyes!

To use the 2290Calculator© register for an account and download a free copy to your computer. Then fill in the blanks with the requested information and save it again. Login to your account, and Upload your 2290Calculator©. Watch the video to the left to see how it's done. You’ll get one last chance to review your information before it’s submitted to the IRS and then you’re done!

The two videos to the left cover both parts of the 2290Calculator© process.

First, you download the 2290Calculator©, fill in your trucks and save it to your computer.

Second, you upload that information back into the website for review and submission to the IRS.

Watch one, or both of the videos to the left and let us know which one helped you more!

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